Emily Derbyshire

PROSPECTING FOR MALARIA DRUGS - Assistant Professor, Emily Derbyshire, PhD, works at the intersection of chemistry and biology to address malaria and other global health problems.

Dong Yan

MOLECULAR PLAYERS IN BRAIN DEVELOPMENT, AGING - Assistant Professor, Dong Yan, PhD, is studying molecular pathways critical in development and aging.

Dennis Ko

KO RECEIVES 2014 ICAAC YOUNG INVESTIGATOR AWARD - Dennis Ko, MD, PhD, has received a 2014 ICAAC Young Investigator Award for his innovative and multidisciplinary research.

Training Spotlight
Felicia Pagliuca STEM-CELL BREAKTHROUGH IN TREATMENT OF DIABETES - Heitman lab alumnus, Felicia W. Pagliuca, PhD, has helped develop a procedure for making hundreds of millions of pancreatic beta cells in vitro.

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