Antifungal Drugs

ANTIFUNGAL DRUG DEVELOPMENT SUMMIT -Join us for a summit focusing on multi-disciplinary and complementary approaches to anti-fungal therapy development.

David Tobin

DRUGS TO BLOCK ANGIOGENESIS COULD PROVIDE NEW TREATMENT FOR TB - Duke researchers' findings suggest a new therapeutic approach that might target the body's response to tuberculosis (TB).


POST-DOCTORAL FELLOWSHIPS AVAILABLE - The Center for Host-Microbial Interactions has current openings in the Tri-Institutional Molecular Mycology Pathogenesis Training Program.

Training Spotlight
Felicia Pagliuca STEM-CELL BREAKTHROUGH IN TREATMENT OF DIABETES - Heitman lab alumnus, Felicia W. Pagliuca, PhD, has helped develop a procedure for making hundreds of millions of pancreatic beta cells in vitro.

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